This battery is a sealed unit which is superior to the standard factory supplied Caterham battery. The kit contains a set of spacers that enabe you to fit this directly to the standard Caterham battery mounting tray.


There are 2 types of mountings, therfore please ensure you select the correct type for you car.


Please note these batteries and the mountings are special order items. Therefore, to enable PGM to supply new stock we have a 1 week lead time on orders. You will receive confirmation of the order but please expect a dispatch email a week later. 


Battery Upgrade Kit

  • PHCA - 535 Amps

    CCA - 200 Amps

    Weight - 5.4kg


    Unlike Cold Cranking Amps (CCA) the Pulse Hot Cranking Ampere (PHCA) rating does not have an "official" rating. CCA (which is a recognised rating) is the ampere rating that can be maintained for 30 seconds. However, this is unrealistic for true engine starting purposes and usually cars start within typically 5 seconds. Therefore, the PHCA is a measure of very short duration with high load, like a pulse. This battery will therefore start a car with a large capacity or high compression engine where the pulse supplied for a short period is 535 Amps.