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Flat Floor Setup

PGM have a professional dedicated flat patch with incorporated corner weight scales set flush in the floor.  We offer a complete set down procedure where your car is precisely measured just as it is when received at our workshop. These figures are recorded and included with the flat floor report. 


The next task involves altering the ride heights and corner weight distribution in combination with each other to achieve a more balanced setup.  This also includes adjusting the caster, camber and 4 wheel alignment to suit individual customers requirements. The setup is tailored to the usage the car gets.  The new setup figures are also recorded and included with the flat floor report.  This service is only completed after a full set down procedure as described above. The total cost for completing a full set down followed by adjusting the setup is - £360.00 + VAT

Annual Service

This includes replacing the oil, oil filter and spark plugs.  Oil used is either a quality fully synthetic grade or Caterham Motorsport spec 5W50 in most cases. We will also supply a specific grade / make if required. Spark plugs are always NGK and suited to the engine spec.  The air filter is thoroughly cleaned and re-oiled or if required a replacement can be supplied and fitted.  The service covers a complete lights check and replacing bulbs if necessary. Additionally, fluid levels are checked and topped up where needed. A spanner check of key steering and suspension components is also completed.  We also carry out a full brake safety check and advise if parts need replacing. Additionally, we recommend to annually completely strip and rebuild the front hubs (dependant upon mileage), in the process re-packing the bearings with high quality grease in order to prolong life.  This task can be added to the base service if required.  Therefore in summary our standard service includes the following:-


  • Replace oil, oil filter and spark plugs

  • Check all other levels and top up where required

  • Thoroughly clean air filter and re-oil

  • Test all lights and replace any bulbs that are needed (price includes all bulbs except halogen main headlight)

  • Spanner check all key steering and suspension components

  • Complete safety check of the brake system, including testing the brake fluid water content and then advising on any parts that need replacement


Labour Price - £240.00 + VAT 

                        (CSR / 620- £360.00 + VAT)

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