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Upgrade Kits

PGM 620R and 620S engine upgrade - Kit 1

PGM offer an alternative to the original engine calibration which utilises a MBE 9A4 ECU that is unlocked and fully programmable. The kit additionally adds a fuel pressure sensor input to the ECU which allows calibration of the fuel pump pressure control functionality. We work in collaboration with SBD for supply of parts and Northampton Motorsport for their rolling road facilities. Currently, this kit is only offered as a complete set, installed by PGM.


For further information please read the article written in Low Flying by clicking this link

Total cost is £3418 inclusive of VAT. 

* Note this is a stand alone kit and it is not possible to upgrade to the paddle shift system. For that option please see the kit below

** Prices may change in line with any incremental increases for parts and labour over time

PGM 620R Paddleshift system upgrade

PGM offer a complete paddleshift system that can be fitted to a standard 620R

The system primarily runs on a MBE 9A9 ECU which controls the gears and engine within one unit. This has the advantage of giving a clean and directly timed engine cut on the point of gear change, enabling complete flat shifting. Additionally, it also includes the engine upgrade as listed above which improves the performance too.

This kit incorporates the engine upgrades detailed above and as a result includes the benefits to engine running.

There are a few options available within the kit, therefore pricing is slightly variable but the following should give a good guide.

There is an option of retaining the original gear lever so it acts as a backup should you encounter any problems with the system. This requires manual selection of neutral  / reverse. On removing the gear lever selecting neutral and reverse is done by buttons on the steering wheel.

Due to the packaging solution of fitting the new ECU / wiring conversion box / compressor / accumulator / valve block and re-positioning the header tank, it is not possible to retain the heater unit in the car. Any car with a heater will require removal and the scuttle blanking plate fitted.

There are a number of bespoke parts designed in house at PGM and manufactured on our 3D printer.  We are able to tailor the kit specifically customers with respect to the steering wheel choice / wireless connections and incorporate additional functions such as launch and traction control strategies. 

As already noted, this is only a guide price based upon retaining the original gear lever and using a standard quick release steering wheel boss with internal contacts on the Caterham type steering wheel

For further information please read the article written in Low Flying by clicking this link

Total cost including parts / labour / and rolling road test is £15,365 inclusive of VAT

*Please note that the condition of the gearbox prior to undertaking this upgrade is the responsibility of the customer. We can assist with gearbox rebuilds should they be required before fitting the paddle shift system.

** Prices may change in line with any incremental increases for parts and labour over time

PGM 620R and 620S cooling system modification

PGM have developed a water cooling modification suitable for those who struggle to get the car up to normal operating temperatures. This alteration was originally undertaken by 620R owners Mark Weatherby and Igor Fedor. It is well documented by them through the owners club and facebook pages.  PGM have collaborated with them to produce a kit that returns a bypass pipe back into the cooling system and adds an additional input to the thermostat housing to change the header tank feed location. 

The packaging of this extra pipe work is compact due to the space available as a result of the super charger plumbing. PGM modify the original thermostat housing by machining and ali welding a new fitting to it. We additionally replace the rear head outlet housing and install new hoses. 

Due to the complexity and limited space available the installation task of our kit can only be undertaken in our workshop. 

For further information please read the article written in Low Flying by clicking this link

The total cost of the kit including parts, labour and VAT is £960.00

*Please note some cars require extra hoses (there are some variations on original builds)

**Please note some cars require the later thermostat housing and a stat fitted inside as this is a minimum requirement for the base of the modifications. Early cars were fitted without a thermostat. This can be supplied if required at an extra cost

PGM 620R Silencer upgrade

There are a number of advantages and options to the PGM exhaust kit. Primarily, the silencers offer reduced noise output and are re-packable for future maintenance.


The PGM side silencer is longer than the standard unit and requires the collector output to be shortened to accommodate it.  The connection to the link pipe running under the car is also different to the original. This new joint location and link pipe shape gives improved ground clearance to resolve the damage that some owners have experienced. 

The rear silencer is a larger diameter to enable a further reduction in noise output. This part can be incorporated into a complete PGM system, using our side silencer and link pipe, or it can be fitted to the original Caterham system if you want to only upgrade the rear section alone.

For the benefit of those only using their car on track or on the road, PGM offer the system with or without an internal catalytic converter. 

PGM have completed rolling road sessions using all these parts and can verify they do not restrict performance.

The complete system includes a side silencer, link pipe, rear silencer and mounting rubbers / joint clamps.  


Costs are for parts only, please contact us regarding fitting -


Complete system WITH catalytic converter - £2465 inc VAT

Complete system WITHOUT catalytic converter - £1985  inc VAT

Rear silencer only - £565 inc VAT

* This system will fit an SV and S3 model

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