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Self cancelling indicator module

This upgrade allows for self cancelling indicators so you don't drive along having forgotten to reset the switch. It works with the standard toggle switch or momentry buttons commonly used on steering wheels.


The main benifit of fitting this module is the lane change function* and ensuring the indicators are self cancel after a preset time. The timer has an overide function when the brakes are alliped so indicators remain working while you are waiting at a junction.


The main features are as follows:-



  • Auto-cancels your indicators after your pre-set duration.  
  • Uniquely, the module is user-configurable to work with ON-OFF-ON toggle switches or momentary pushbuttons.
  • Works with traditional indicator bulbs or LED bulbs.  
  • Press left and right buttons together, or use the original hazard switch for a continuous hazard function.
  • Make the most of your pushbuttons, with a quick press on the same side to cancel your indicator, or switch to the other side using the opposite button.
  • Paused in traffic or waiting to turn?  Indicator cancelling is disabled by the brake pedal, and for 6 or 9 seconds afterwards so that the indicators remain on until you've finished your manoeuvre.
  • Configurable to allows you to choose between 12 or 18 second flash durations.
  • Module measures 75mm x 50mm x 27mm and weighs just 125g - including the loom!
  • Lane change 4 flash feature activated by short button press*


* - this function will work with momentry push button switches. If you require the feature with the standard toggle switch a replacement switch is required. Please select this option when making a purchase.

Self cancelling indicator module

  • PGM are able to offer a fitting service for this indicator upgrade kit at our workshop based in West Sussex. If you are interested in this service please find our contact details here to make a booking in our diary.  Fitting is subject to the wiring harness being an original standard part, not modified in any way. 

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